COD: MW3 Wii

COD: MW3 Xbox 360

Welcome to the Bravo Company (BC) gaming clan website!

We play a wide variety of games for every platform, but currently we are mostly playing: Call of Duty MW3, Call of Duty Black Ops, Madden 2012, and Battle Field 3

Thumper is the leader of BC, and is backed by a caring group of co-leaders, support leaders, and committed members. Our community consists of many different types of players who are very skilled and also enjoy gaming casually.

Our goal is to enjoy the camaraderie of our community's members while sharing a common interest in gaming. Our differing teams within Bravo Company allow us to fulfill this goal by providing an organized group to compete with. We are a community that thrives on our members friendship and loyalty, and we use our gaming as an extension of that over all experience.

We wear the [BC] tag in Call of Duty, however using the tag is not mandatory.
Bravo Company abides by the following creed:"Win with honor, lose with grace."


If you are interested in joining please look below.

If you are interested in joining, please register on the forums which you can get to by clicking 'Join Us' at the top, read the stickied thread in the New Members section, and post your application and wait for a leader or co-leader to accept you.




Best clan ever.